Pure West Virginia Maple Syrup

We believe that nothing compares to a country breakfast of steaming hot pancakes with melting butter and drizzled with pure West Virginia maple syrup. It's guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your tummy. Our syrup is pure and natural, with none of those additives and fillers found in the grocery store syrups. In fact, most of those varieties are made from corn syrup and they're not even allowed to call themselves "maple syrup."

How Its Made

At Cedar Run Farm, we start with the real thing -- sap from our very own maple trees, collected through our professional, maple tubing system, then boiled in our Sugar Shack for hours and hours to evaporate the water and produce syrup with the characteristic rich flavor and color of pure maple syrup. You are sure to taste the difference!

The maple syrup process takes a lot of patience and hard work. On average it takes 55 to 65 gallons of sap to yield one gallon of syrup. We log countless hours in the sugarbush tending to trees, as well as long days and nights in the sugarhouse preparing syrup. The hard work pays off with a product we are proud to put on our own table and yours.

Maple Syrup Dripping Syrup
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