Cedar Run Farm

Fresh From The Farm

Cedar Run Farm is proud to offer:

  • Pure West Virginia Maple Syrup
  • Live, Cut Christmas Trees (available in December)
  • Original Arts & Crafts (available at select shows)

From the sweet, delicious taste of pure maple syrup, to the fresh scent of pine at Christmas, Cedar Run Farm works to bring nature's bounty direct to you. The family farm, near the small town of Friendly, WV, in Pleasants County, combines rich soil, traditional and modern harvesting techniques, and lots of old-fashioned hard work to create quality products for your family.

Meet The Family

Debbie and Bill Metz, their son, Chris and his wife Betsy, daughter, Angie and husband Billy, plus grandkids Kyle, Tucker, Abby (and someday little Ian) all pitch in to help where needed, especially during tree planting and at harvest time. It's not always a flurry of activity, waiting for the sap to start running and the Christmas trees to grow can take a lot of patience. Debbie occupies her time creating Arts & Crafts. She has been found to paint on about any surface from chairs and tables to gourds and buckets. If it doesn't move, its fair game. We sure hope Bill doesn't nap too long.

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